Written translations

Whatever document you need translating, you can rely on Convocco for a quick, accurate and cost-effective service.

We understand the importance of a clear, faithful and true translation and all documents are treated in the strictest confidence.

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Specialist sector-specific expertise

Convocco has a national network of more than 6,000 interpreters and translators, who speak 250 different languages. We have experience of translating a wide range of documents across all industry sectors and we will match you with a translator who has specialist expertise in your particular area.

These include:

Legal and patent applications

Technical translations


Medical and pharmaceutical

Insurance and financial

The public sector

Engineering & Manufacturing

We will only ever give your document to qualified professionals who have experience of translating that kind of material and have up-to-date knowledge of all the relevant terminology, as well as cultural awareness. Whether it is translating legal documents to use in court or marketing material for a multinational corporation, we will make sure it gets specialist attention from the right member of our team.

Thorough proofreading and quality control

All our translations are typeset and formatted before being independently proofread and quality-checked by experts. We also understand that translations are sometimes needed quickly so we are able to accommodate tight deadlines.